Ginger Snap Crafts: January 2012

{wow me} wednesday #36

Welcome to
{wow me} wednesday!

So glad YOU are here!

A few things before we get this party started! ;)

Did you hear I’m the new Craft Contributor for Lil’ Luna!?!?
I’ll be posting a brand new craft over there every 2 months.
{You can meet all of the other brand new contributors here.}
I am so excited & feel really blessed to have this opportunity
to work with Kristyn & all of the other amazing contributors!
All the fun starts Monday, Feb. 6th….so stayed tuned for that!

Also, I know all of you ladies LOVE a good link party!
So I wanted to give you a heads up on a brand new monthly link party
co-hosted by Cherished Bliss & Johanson’s Journey.
It all starts Feb. 1st & features Pick Your Plum!!!
Click here for more details.

I’ll be linking up my XOXO Valentine tic tac toe game.
{Check out the tutorial here.}

valentine tic tac toe tutorial 

Last week’s party was the.biggest.ever!
Yay!  Lots of visiting going on, too! 
So I hope you all are getting a little more traffic to your blogs.
Annnd hopefully making lots of new creative friends. :)

Here are the {top five} from last week!

Easiest Baby Blanket Ever from I Can’t Stop {Crafting}

Personalized Pendant from Oksana+Hobbies

DIY Giant Photo Canvas from Art is Beauty

Make Your Own Frosted Privacy Glass from Making it Feel Like Home

Craft Room Organization from Saving 4 Six

I’ll be featuring some
more of my favorites on Thursday at
{take a look at you}.
So check back then to see if it was
YOU who made me say WOW! ;)

{Now on to the party!}

The “rules” are simple.
Follow Ginger Snap Crafts. {Thank you!}
Grab a button or add a link somewhere on your blog.
Must be something made by YOU.
Link up to your post, not your main blog.
{No etsy shops, giveaways or business links, please.}
Visit other links, make new friends & most of all have fun!
Feel free to grab my {wow me} wednesday button!
FYI: Links are in random order…so each link will have a chance at the top spot.  :)
{Can’t wait to see what YOU link up!}
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tutorial {xoxo valentine tic tac toe}

valentine tic tac toe tutorial

You know I’m always up for a good craft challenge, right??? ;)
And did you also know that I love, love, love Pick Your Plum??
(They are an affiliate sponsor of GSC by the way. Yay!)
{You can find PYP on pinterest, facebook & their website.}

Well, when I heard that my friend,
Ashley from Cherished Bliss was
hosting a Pick Your Plum monthly link party
I knew I haaaaaad to participate!
Annnd I was one of the lucky few that received a
surprise package in the mail from Ashley and Pick Your Plum!
My challenge was to make something crafty with it!  So fun!

FYI: You can participate, too! 
Starting TOMORROW (Feb 1st) you can link up any craft
that you’ve made using a Pick Your Plum product!!!! 
Annnnd there will be a giveaway from no other than Pick Your Plum. 
You can check out all the details here! 

Cherished Bliss

I was soooooo excited when my package arrived!
Inside my package were 20 bottle caps from Pick Your Plum.
Hmmmmmm…..what to make??? 
Then it came to me I’d make a
{Valentine} Tic Tac Toe board.
Ooohhhh…. a game full of X’s & O’s…..perfect for Valentine’s Day!
Get it??!!!  XOXOXOXOXO :)

IMG_3255  IMG_3218


{from Pick Your Plum}

I used the 20 bottle caps that Ashley sent me.
I also had some metal sheets that I had bought from Pick Your Plum.
I had my husband cut them to 4 1/2 by 4 1/2 inch squares.

You’ll also need:

wood blocks (6 inches x 6 inches)
paint (I used red & pink for mine.)
Valentine scrapbook paper
mod podge/foam brush
1 inch circle punch
hot glue
vinyl X’s & O’s (I used the Comic Sans MS font.)
vinyl tic tac toe grid
adhesive squares
adhesive magnet strips

IMG_3226  IMG_3227  IMG_3229  IMG_3237

I cut a piece of scrapbook paper to fit my block. 
Then I mod podged my scrapbook paper to my block of wood. 
While the blocks dried I cut some 1 inch circles out
of my scrapbook paper with my 1 inch hole punch. 

 IMG_3238  IMG_3239  IMG_3233  IMG_3246

Then I got my circles & applied the vinyl X’s & O’s right onto the paper.
Then I got my bottle caps from Pick Your Plum & some adhesive squares.

IMG_3248  IMG_3243  IMG_3244  IMG_3249

I used the adhesive squares to attach my X’s & O’s to the inside of the bottle caps.
Then I put the clear circles that came with the bottle caps on top.
They are sticky on one side & stick right on top.  Next you’ll need your magnetic strip.

IMG_3251  IMG_3257  IMG_3259  IMG_3292

I cut the magnet strip into smaller pieces
& then stuck them on the back of the bottle caps.
Applied my vinyl tic tac toe grid to my sheet metal. 
Then I hot glued the metal to my block of wood.
Now it’s time to play a little {Valentine} tic tac toe!


tic tac toe game for valentine's day

Have you made anything fun with Pick Your Plum???

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tutorial {you & me block}

I shared this last week over at How to Nest for Less,
but just in case you missed it here it is again. :)
Today I'd love to show you how to make
this cute {you & me} Valentine block.

You'll need:
mod podge
{never mind the spray adhesive in the picture!}
Valentine scrapbook paper
paper cutter
vinyl lettering
5X7 inch wood block (painted pink)
oval wood plaque (painted white)
(I found my plaque at Walmart for $1.00.)

First cut your scrapbook paper to fit your wood block.

Then mod podge your scrapbook paper onto your wood block.  Let dry.

I used Elmer's glue to glue my oval wood plaque onto the wood block.

Then I applied my vinyl lettering. 
(For more detailed vinyl lettering instructions you can click here.)
FYI:  "You" was cut using Hiccups font,
the "&" was cut using High Tower Text font
and the "me" was cut using Monster Paparazzi font.

Then I tied a red ribbon around my block.

There you go!  Super easy & cute! 

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Primary 2012 {round up}

primary 2012 round up

I told you before that I was recently called as the Primary President.
Primary is the children’s organization at our Church
We meet for 2 hours each Sunday.
We have class time, sharing time & singing time. :)

What I didn’t tell you was that we are a brand spanking new Primary. :)
In our Church we have congregations called wards.
Sometimes a ward gets too big, so it will be divided into 2 wards.
One Church building can hold 1, 2, 3 or more wards.
We stagger our meeting schedules so each ward
can have their own block of time they attend church.
(Confused, yet??  Keep reading…it’s gets a little more confusing!)  :) 
Some of the wards in our building were getting too big,
so they did some reorganization of the ward boundaries
& came up with 3 wards & one branch in our building.
(A branch just means that there is not enough people YET to make a ward!)
Our family was lucky enough to be assigned to the branch.
It has been fun & a little challenging…definitely a growing experience!

This all happened in December,
so it didn’t give us much time to get ready for the new year.
Each year in Primary we have a new theme to focus on.
For 2012 our theme is Choose the Right.

Here are some of the fun Primary helps
I’ve found around blogland.
(They have made my job a whole lot easier!  Yay!)

CTR blocks
from Lil’ Luna 
You can go here to download your free printable, too!
Thank you, Kristyn! :)

ctr block primary

You’ll need:
5x7 inch block of wood
print out from Lil’ Luna (click here)
Elmer’s Spray Adhesive
black paint


Here’s what you do!  So easy! :)

IMG_3066   IMG_3068   IMG_3069

Paint your block of wood.  Cut out your CTR image.  Spray the spray adhesive on the back.
Put it on your block of wood.  Smooth it down.  Tie a bow around the top.  That’s it. :)


I’m making these CTR blocks for all of our Primary Teachers.
We just got fully staffed last week.  Yay!
Having teachers is such a HUGE help!
Primary teachers are the best!!!

Primary Theme Printables
from Simply Fresh Design

01 january

We used these printables for our Primary Bulletin Board.  Love!!
(Annnd that font is CK Chemistry in case you were wondering.  My new fave!)
Go here to download your set from Simply Fresh Design..

Article of Faith Printables
from Simply Fresh Design

One of our goals this year is to
have the kids memorize the 13 Articles of Faith.
(The 13 Articles of Faith are 13 basic beliefs of our Church.)

article of faith 1

1 & 2

I downloaded the 4x6 printables that had 2 Articles of Faith on one picture. 
Got them developed at Walmart just like regular pictures.  Yay!  So easy!
Then I just cut them in half & laminated them.  Then I put them on a key ring for each child. 
We are practicing one Article of Faith a month. (Except for Jan. we did #1 & #2.)
Each month they will get a new card to add to their key ring. 
At the end of year they’ll have a whole set. :)
You can download your Article of Faith cards from Simply Fresh Design here.

IMG_3086    IMG_3088

Article of Faith Bookmark Printable
from Little LDS Ideas.


We have a big key ring that holds all of the bookmarks. 
Each time the kiddos pass off an Article of Faith they put a sticker on that number. 
When they get them all passed off we will give them their bookmark to take home. 
TIP:  I color coded each class so it’s easier to find their bookmarks. :)
Visit Little LDS Ideas here.

Primary Helper Sticks

primary helper sticks

Oh…and if you didn’t see it… check out my Primary helper sticks tutorial.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!
See you back here on Monday. :)

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