Ginger Snap Crafts: November 2022

Why You Should Use Cricut Brand Materials (No Matter What Machine You Own!)

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Good morning! So good to see you! :) Today I am talking about one of my most favorite things! Annnnd that is Cricut! :) I love my Cricut machines, and I use them almost every day to create things for my home, family, friends and just about everything else in between. I know many of you own your own machines as well whether it be a Cricut, Silhouette, Brother or some other brand. And you know what? Just about all of these machines are compatible with Cricut brand materials. Yep! Just because you own a Silhouette doesn’t mean you can’t use most Cricut materials with your machine. Although, there are a few products that are exclusive to Cricut machines. So you might want to buy that Cricut anyways! ;) Today I am excited to tell you why Cricut brand materials are leaps and bounds ahead of other products you might already be using, and why YOU should be using Cricut brand materials starting today. Let’s get started! :)