Ginger Snap Crafts: 20+ Totally Random Things I’ve Learned at Blogging Conferences & a Swag Bag Giveaway #snapconf #sofabcon

20+ Totally Random Things I’ve Learned at Blogging Conferences & a Swag Bag Giveaway #snapconf #sofabcon

Well, I’ve been home from Snap ~ Creativity at your Fingertips for almost a month! Then two weeks ago I attended a just as amazing blog conference put on by the amazing Collective Bias team ~ SoFabCon. I’m running out of time to get everything posted. So I decided to break some blogging etiquette & blog about both conferences in one post!

I know you’ve probably read a gazillion recap post so far, so I thought I’d do mine a little differently ~ plus there’s a blog conference swag giveaway! Yay! First I’m going to share 20+ totally random (& some not even blog related) things that I’ve learned at both of these ah-mazing blogging conferences. Here we go! ;)

20 Totally Random Things I've Learned at Blogging Conferences

1. I learned that sisters are the best! (OK….I knew that one already!) For those of you that go to blogging conference alone all I can say is WOW! You are brave! I know everyone is super nice & easy to talk to buuuuuut it was so much more awesome to have my sister to hang out with at Snap! Thank you for going with me, Megan! You are beautiful inside & out! Love you, sister! :)

You can read all about her HERE in my Snap Roomie post.


2. I learned that blog friends are even better in real life! It was so excited to meet some of my long time blog friends face to face! The first one of my list was Sky from Capital B. She is ah-mazing! It made me a little less nervous about going to Snap knowing that she would be there! Plus we ended up being “neighbors” at the hotel! Now that was fate! ha! :) I love you, Sky and you were one of the highlights of Snap for me!


I also got to meet Crystal from A Pumpkin & A Princess! Crystal is always there when I have a late night question, blogging crisis or need advice! :)


Then at SoFabCon I got to hang out with Rachel from Bubbly Nature Creations (on the left), Vanessa from The Rookie Seamstress (in the middle). I also got to see Brandi from The Creative Princess and Kristy from Mommy Hates Cooking. (I didn’t get a picture of them though!) :(


3. Being in Salt Lake City, Utah (where Snap is held) is kind of a Mormon girl’s dream come true! I was able to spend two evenings & a morning at Temple Square. I already knew this, but I really do love to see the temple! (This is the temple my parents were married in!)


4. I learned that it kind of looks awkward to try & recreate your wedding proposal without your hubby there! ha! This is the exact spot my hubby-to-be proposed to me almost 20 years ago! Wow! I’m old…haha! (It’s right beside The Tabernacle on Temple Square….it had started snowing that day so we had moved underneath the overhang of The Tabernacle & he got down on on knee & popped the question!)


5. I learned that tulips are still my favorite flower. Annnd seeing a gazillion billion tulips in one place was just amazingly beautiful! (It was Tulip Festival time at Thanksgiving Point in Utah.)


6. Now are you sitting down for this random fact? This is HUGE! Scotch is coming out with washi  tape! It should be coming to a store (or already be in stock in a store) near you soon! Yes, get excited! That’s awesome! :)

snap 4snap5

7. There were dances at both Snap & Sofabcon, and I learned that I just don’t dance anymore (but apparently my sister does)! ha! ;)


8. I learned that next time I’m traveling on an airplane I will be bringing a box of band-aids with me (blisters!) & an extra pair of shoes in my carry-on! My flip flip broke at the Salt Lake City airport just after I had checked in my bags to go home! Ugh! Yep, I was barefoot for an entire day! Ummmmm ….not really a style I’m comfortable with! ha! My kiddos would of loved it though! They love being barefoot! ;)


9. I learned that being in an airplane is so cool! (Can you tell I don’t fly much? ha!) Buuuut really seeing the earth from above is just amazing! Look at those beautiful mountains! :)


10. I learned that power tools will be on my birthday & Christmas list this year. We were able to listen to THE Ana White at Snap talk about all the cool power tools out there. It was awesome!


11. I learned that public transportation is the way to go! I think they should have trains everywhere! We were able to hop on a train at the Lehi Station (right where Snap was) and go all the way to downtown Salt Lake City. Now that is the way to travel…no traffic, you don’t have to worry about parking….just sit back & relax! I could get used to that! :)


12. I was able to learn from some bloggers that I really look up to. It was so nice to see & hear them in person. I learned so much! The classes were amazing. The classes at #Sofabcon were some of my favorites! They were so in-depth, & I learned a ton! My friend, Rachel from Bubbly Nature Creations taught a photography class at SoFabCon. She did so awesome!


13. In Sky from Capital B’s Snap recap post she said that she is not one to take wild & crazy pictures! Well….I learned that is not true! haha! ;) Check out this wild & crazy pictures of Sky at the Snap Pajama Party! Of course, she is being attacked but it still is a pretty crazy picture! ;)


14. I learned that swag (all that awesome stuff they give you) is heavy! When I was checking in my luggage to go home my suitcase was overweight! Eek! So I ended up taking out as much as I could possibly carry….let me just tell you this bag was loaded & heavy!


15. This is for my friend, Tonia from The Gunny Sack (who is from Minnesota). :) I learned that she wasn’t kidding when she commented a couple of weeks ago on this post that she wished it was warm enough to work in the yard. It is really is cold in Minnesota! I had a layover in Minneapolis, and there was still ice on the lakes in April! Brrrrr! I hope it’s warmer there now. :)

16. I learned that you can buy BYU stuff at Walmart in Utah!!! I couldn’t resist myself, and stocked up with gifts for the kiddos! (This could of contributed to my overweight bag problem I had earlier. ha!)


17. I learned that my hair is super straight in Utah! It was awesome! Bye, bye frizz! :)


18. I learned (ok….I already knew this one, too!) I do not know how to take a good self portrait! Who in the world am I looking at? ha! Obviously not the camera! ;)


19. I learned that I really needed a new profile picture! Thanks, Megan!

20. I learned that it is cold at blog conferences! It was cold in Utah, & then for SoFabCon we woke up to snow that morning! Craziness!


21. I learned that I love personalized jewelry! OK, I already knew that one, too! I’ve been a fan of The Vintage Pearl & Lisa Leonard (who was at Snap!) for a long time, and now I have a new favorite The R House Couture. Everyone attending Snap got a Create Joy necklace from them. Thank you! (Create Joy was the theme of Snap.)


22. I learned that home is the best place to be! I loved being at the conference & hanging with my sister, friends & all the amazing brands & bloggers, but I have never been so happy to see this guy at the airport! Yes, he remembered to pick me up! haha! :)


Annnnd these crazy guys….oh how I missed them! My life was way too quiet & boring without them! I love being their mom….it’s the best job in the world! :)


Oh ya….Momma was home! Wahoo! :)


OK….now for a giveaway! (You deserve it if you made it through that post! ha!) I don’t have a lot of room at my house & my sister, Megan is getting married soon & moving back to Texas from Utah. So since we both just don’t have a lot of storage space to keep all the goodies that we got at Snap….we thought it would be fun to combine some of our swag & have a fun blogging conference swag giveaway for one of YOU! Yay!

 Blogging Conference sway giveaway at

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