Ginger Snap Crafts: Teach Me Tuesday: Katie from Eye Spy DIY

Teach Me Tuesday: Katie from Eye Spy DIY

Today our guest blogger is

Katie from over at Eye Spy DIY.

Hi there, my name is Katie and I'm from Boise, Idaho.
When I'm not wrangling around my husband or puppy, I'm creating.
Whether it's sewing, crocheting,
or any other type of craft under the sun, I've probably tried it.

I was wanting a small little wallet that I could easily
put my drivers license
and card in and put in my pocket
without having to carry around a big purse all the time,
and so decided to make one, or two...and will probably make more.

Below is my tutorial on how to make these yourself!

What you'll need:

2 inch piece of stretch cord
Fabric rosette (optional, see my DIY Rosette Hair Pin tutorial on how to make these)
Glue gun if you choose to add a rosette
What you'll need:
Fabric cut to 8"by5" (you'll need one piece of outer fabric, one piece of inner fabric and one piece of fusible interfacing
Fabric cut to 2.5" by 4" (you'll need two pieces outer fabric, two pieces inner fabric and two pieces of fusible interfacing)

1.)  Following the instructions for your fusible interfacing, iron your interfacing onto the front colors of fabric.  For the purposes of my tutorial, this is the blue fabric.

2.) Sew together two of the small pieces of fabric, right sides together on three sides (the two long sides and one short side).  Do the same for the other two small pieces of fabric.

3.) Clip the corners and turn right side out.

4.)  Press with an iron, ensuring to fold in the open seam.

5.)  Sew the small pieces of fabric onto the inside piece of fabric.  I got out a couple of credit cards to find where I should place the two pockets.

6.) On the outer piece of fabric sew a button about two and a half inches from the bottom of the fabric.  I usually eyeball this.

7.)  Now place the two big pieces of fabric right sides together.  At the top of the fabric sandwich place the stretch cord with the loop going inward so when you turn right side out it will be on the outside.  Sew an eighth of an inch around the edge, leaving a two inch hole at the bottom (I usually sew a couple times over the spot where you are sewing over the stretch cord).  Clip the corners.

8.)  Turn right side out and press, ensuring fabric is folded in at the open seam.
9.)  Sew an eighth of an inch around the entire outside of the wallet.
10.) If you want to add a rosette now is the time to hot glue it to you wallet, you can either add it directly to the fabric or glue it on top of your button.  I iron mine again at this point just to get out any wrinkles and to press down where the folds are.  And you're done!

I hope you find this tutorial useful. 
As always, I would love to find out how your project turns out!

Don't forget to check out
Katie's blog,
for more fun do-it-yourself projects.