Ginger Snap Crafts: DIY Camp Hat with the Cricut Hat Press {tutorial}

DIY Camp Hat with the Cricut Hat Press {tutorial}

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Good morning! The weather is just about to warm up! It’s almost May, and I am so looking forward to summer! Each summer my daughter attends Girls Camp for a week. Annnnnd each year they make crafts. I’ve helped quite a few times. This year she is going as a YCL (youth camp leader). So, we wanted to make her a cute hat to wear to camp. Annnnd Cricut just realeased their brand new Cricut Hat Press. So of course, our first project was this cute DIY Camp Hat. Let’s me show you how cool this new hat press is. Keep reading! :)

For this project you will need:
Cricut Hat Press
Cricut Joy*
Cricut Smart Iron-on for the Cricut Joy (navy)
Cricut Joy Tool Kit
Cricut Strong Heat Resistant Tape
100% Cotton Hat (Cricut sales some similar hats here.)
this Design Space file

*You can see how easy the Cricut Joy is to use right here.

Before we get to that tutorial. Let me tell you all about the all new Cricut Hat Press!

  • 5 in x 3 in curved heat plate for heat-transfer applications on hats
  • Includes Cricut Hat Pressing Form for firm, ideal pressing surface
  • Compatible with Cricut Heat app for wireless connection & step-by-step guided instructions
  • 3 heat settings up to 400 ºF for iron-on/HTV, Infusible Ink & sublimation projects
  • Safety Base and auto-off feature
  • Handheld design with comfortable grip

The Cricut Hat Press is the perfect heat press designed especially for hats. Its curved, ceramic-coated heat plate features 3 levels of heat up to 400ºF for consistent, wrinkle-free transfers. The included Cricut Hat Pressing Form creates a firm pressing surface for almost any hat. With the Cricut Heat app, you can send precise time & temp settings directly to your press and get step-by-step guidance from your phone via Bluetooth® connection. Enjoy a worry-free experience with safety-conscious features like auto-off, a comfortable grip & a safety base. This press works with most major brands of iron-on, Infusible Ink & sublimation products. This heat press makes an excellent companion to all your Cricut cutting machines & presses. :)

A few things to keep in mind:

*Product will not function until activated with Cricut Heat app and a compatible internet-connected mobile device.

*ALLERGY WARNING: The Cricut Hat Pressing Form contains walnut shells.

*When you order your Cricut Hat Press the box will include:

  • Cricut Hat Press 5 in x 3 in
  • Hat Pressing Form
  • Safety Base
  • Strong Heat Resistant Tape
  • Iron-on design

You can see my unboxing video right here.

OK let’s get to that tutorial! :)

The first step is to download the Cricut Heat app and activate your heat press. It only takes a few minutes! While you do that send your image to your Cricut Joy or other Cricut machine to cut out your iron-on decal. You can find this cute file in Design Space right here. Weed everything, and you are good to go!

First you’ll put your hat on the pressing form. Flip the sweat band that is inside your hat out when you do that.

Make sure the front of your hat is nice and smooth with no bubbles or wrinkles.

Cut your plastic sheeting close to your design, then cut little slits all the way around every half inch or so.

This will allow your design to bend more easily around your hat.
Tape into place with strong heat resistant tape all the way around your design.

Then open up your Cricut Heat app and start a new project. :)
Enter the type of material you are working with (iron-on) and what you are applying it to (100% cotton).

The app will automatically send those exact settings for your project to the hat press.

The app will also provide step by step instructions for the entire project. It’s fool proof! :)

Your project will turn out beautifully using the Cricut Heat app and your Cricut Hat Press. :)

Love how this cute hat turned out! So cute & easy to make!
Now I’m thinking about all the cool personalized Father’s Day hats I can make this year! Eek!

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Have you ever been in charge of camp crafts? Let me know! :)
What do you think about the Cricut Hat Press?
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